The SF-2 ECCR Rebreather Experience

Are you interested in rebreather diving but don’t know where to start?  We are now offering an Introduction to Rebreather experience with Lahaina Divers Maui.  This will give you a crash course into rebreathers and the opportunity to dive an SF2 in a real world environment without the massive commitment of a full course or the purchase of a rebreather.  Time accrued will count toward your IANTD certification should you choose to pursue it.  Or, just enjoy directly supervised rebreather diving while on your vacation on Maui without the major commitment of time and resources.  

The SF-2 Rebreather Experience is a two day program.  The first day involves a bit of classroom with one of our instructors and hands-on learning about the rig.  That afternoon, we head out on the Lahaina Divers turtle reef charter.  There we will get our first dive in.  We will have some time to practice some basic emergency drills, buoyancy skills, and still fit in a great relaxing dive.  The second day of your experience we will be headed to Molokini crater.  At Molokini we will be able to spend multiple hours underwater.  You will be able to experience true silence and a total immersion with the marine life.

You can contact Lahaina Divers or you can contact us directly for more information and booking. 

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