Stay up to Date with Silent Ō

Silent Ō Solutions has had an exciting year so far.  We have ramped up our rebreather support here on Maui and have seen quite a few more CCR divers coming to the island.  We can always provide sorb, O2 fills, and helium, as well as bailouts and hardware.  Contact us for information on consumables and rentals.

Our wall of Sorb

We are about to release a new rebreather program with one of our favorite charter operators, Lahaina Divers Maui.  In addition to his other teaching credentials, Todd is now an IANTD certified SF2 instructor.  The SF2 is the rig we will be using for our rebreather intro program.  If you’re unfamiliar with the SF2, check out  this video.  

We will be posting news, updates, and upcoming class schedules to this page.  Be sure to check back frequently!  You can also like our Facebook page where we will be sharing these posts.  Or, bring your rig and come diving.  We can connect you with the rebreather friendly charters.  You can also come dive with Tiff on Tuesdays three tank advanced trip on Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures out of Kihei.

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