SF2 Rebreathers are here!

Silent Ō Solutions LLC is the Hawaii Dealer for SF2 rebreathers. We provide service, support, parts, advice and IANTD training in conjunction with Lahaina Divers for this amazing piece of equipment. If you’ve been looking into the ever expanding rebreather market with some confusion and trepidation you’re not alone. Rebreather designs are going all sorts of different directions. As long term rebreather aficionados, we’ve been searching for a simple, robust and fully capable design with reliable electronics. One that is easy to travel with and has the capacity to grow with the beginner yet satisfy the expert. The SF2 is all of this and more. Contact us for details, schedules, and pricing. 

If you are new to rebreathers entirely, come see for yourself what all the fuss is about. We will be offering an Introduction to Rebreather (SF2) program at Lahaina Divers. This will give you a crash course into rebreathers and the opportunity to dive an SF2 in a real world environment without the massive commitment of a full course or the purchase of a rebreather. Time accrued will count toward your IANTD certification should you chose to pursue it. Contact us for more information.

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