SF2 HUDs & MK15 Electronics from AV Underwater Technologies

We here at Silent Ō have needs.  Some of those needs have been difficult to satisfy.  We had the need for a super simple, robust, plug and play HUD for the SF2.  We had the need for a control suite to bring our MK-15s up to date and carry that robust system into the 21st century.  These needs have been met from the most unlikely location. Alexey at AV Underwater Technologies in Moscow has been incredibly accommodating in providing us with electronics that meet and even exceed our requirements. His solutions are elegant and simple.  Characteristics we value.  We are pleased to announce that Silent Ō Solutions LLC now offers the full line of AV electronics in the US of A.  In the coming months we will be presenting and reviewing some of the key features of these systems.  Check out the pics below.  If you are the “I need this now” sort, or have questions, feel free to contact us.  As always, you can stay up to date with everything Silent Ō by following us on our Facebook page.

SF2 plug and play AV HUDs with mounts

AV HUD for the SF2 mounted to the Shrimp BOV and Coops

AV HUD mounted to the SF2 loop

AV1 electronics with HUD for the MK15s

AV1 MK15 electronics and HUD below the AV  HUD for the SF2

IMG 0023
IMG 0024

Color code key


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