IANTD Advanced Nitrox & Recreational Trimix Course September 2015

Silent Ō Solutions will be teaching an IANTD Advanced Nitrox & Recreational Trimix course between the dates of September 7th through September 14th.  Are you interested in taking your diving to the next level?  Are you a Nitrox diver that is looking for more?  Wondering what the next step is?  This is the course for you!  

Who may take this course?  Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.  Student must be an existing Nitrox diver and an IANTD Deep diver with proof of 30 logged dives.  If you are not an IANTD Deep Diver, don’t worry!  All you need is sufficient experience with the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of diving.  Don’t be concerned if you feel that your experience level is not sufficient.  The Deep Diver program can be combined with the Advanced Nitrox & the Recreational Trimix course.  


What is the purpose of these courses?

  • Extend your knowledge in the use of EANx for sport diving
  • Further develop skills and provide a greater understanding of the EANx concept of diving
  • Employ the use of EANx mixes up to a 1.5 PO2.  Recreational Trimix will combine a helium content that maintains an END no greater than 80fsw (24msw)
  • Advanced Nitrox course qualifies diver to do dives up to 140 fsw (42 msw) and do decompression stops of up to 15 minutes
  • Recreational Trimix course qualifies diver for dives up to 160 fsw  (48msw) and perform decompression stops up to 15 minutes
  • Learn to configure equipment properly and perform gas switching at appropriate depths
  • Develop dive planning and advanced equipment configuration
  • Become a more self sufficient diver

To complete this course all lectures, confined water, and open water sessions must be attended.  Students must pass the IANTD Advanced Nitrox test or the IANTD Recreational Trimix test with a score of 80% or greater.  Instruction is purchased but certification is earned!

A total of four dives will be completed with diving skills assessed.  

What does the course cost? 

  • $450.00* per student with a minimum of 3 divers

What are the *additional costs?

  • Dive charter fees, - 2 days of boat diving for a total of four open water dives
  • Student kit, which includes course manual, all required tables, technical logbook, and certification prepaid processing.  Cost of kit is $95
  • Gas fills 
  • Personal diving equipment and rentals.  Contact us for more information.  This course has specific requirement for gear configuration.  We can rent you the items for the course or we can order equipment for you.  
  • If you are in need of a total price quote, contact us, and we will discuss your needs.  Price will vary based upon personal configurations and equipment requirements
  • Personal transportation, meals, & accommodations

What specific equipment requirements are there?

  • Single tank equipped with H or Y valve, or
  • Side mount configuration, or
  • Double tanks with dual outlet manifold
  • A safety or decompression stage cylinder and regulator for use with EAN50 +.  Must be O2 clean
  • The use of DIN systems are mandatory  
  • All specific equipment may be rented from us or we can help you in purchasing your own

You will also need:

  • Decompression marker (SMB) and reel
  • BCD configured to your specific gear setup
  • Suitable thermal protection
  • Mask & fins

Any more questions?  Contact us!!

Detailed schedule for the week of September 7-14 will be announced soon.  

 Space is Limited!!  Contact us soon before we fill up!  

(808) 518-6313

or email us through our Contact Page

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