Black Coral Documentary

After years of hard work, the Black Coral movie is officially released and available for purchase!!  Re-watch the trailer below and visit the Black Coral movie website for more details on purchasing digital downloads and dvds!  Follow the official Black Coral Facebook page to stay up to date with upcoming events and news!

SF2 HUDs & MK15 Electronics from AV Underwater Technologies

We here at Silent Ō have needs.  Some of those needs have been difficult to satisfy.  We had the need for a super simple, robust, plug and play HUD for the SF2.  We had the need for a control suite to bring our MK-15s up to date and carry that robust system into the 21st century.  These needs have been met from the most unlikely location. Alexey at AV Underwater Technologies in Moscow has been incredibly accommodating in providing us with electronics that meet and even exceed our requirements. His solutions are elegant and simple.  Characteristics we value.  We are pleased to announce that Silent Ō Solutions LLC now offers the full line of AV electronics in the US of A.  …

Experience Rebreather Diving on Maui

People have been asking a lot of questions about the SF2 Rebreather Experience program we run in conjunction with  Lahaina Divers Maui.  “Is it worth it?” seems to be a popular query.  In this video we asked Greg Howeth,  of Lahaina Divers Maui, that very question.  We filmed his response just as the boat arrived back at the dock after his first rebreather experience.  Check it out!

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What is it Like to Dive a Rebreather?

This is the first part of our new series on Tiffs YouTube page called FAQ with Silent Ō Solutions.  What is it like to dive a rebreather?  This series will provide you with short quick video answers to questions we hear on a regular basis.  Do you have a question you would like to ask Todd or Tiff?  Send us an email through our contact page.  Ask away!  Your question may just be the next one we answer.  

IANTD Advanced Nitrox & Recreational Trimix Course September 2015

Silent Ō Solutions will be teaching an IANTD Advanced Nitrox & Recreational Trimix course between the dates of September 7th through September 14th.  Are you interested in taking your diving to the next level?  Are you a Nitrox diver that is looking for more?  Wondering what the next step is?  This is the course for you!  

Who may take this course?  Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.  Student must be an existing Nitrox diver and an IANTD Deep diver with proof of 30 logged dives.  If you are not an IANTD Deep Diver, don’t worry!  All you need is sufficient experience with the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of diving.  …

The SF-2 ECCR Rebreather Experience

Are you interested in rebreather diving but don’t know where to start?  We are now offering an Introduction to Rebreather experience with Lahaina Divers Maui.  This will give you a crash course into rebreathers and the opportunity to dive an SF2 in a real world environment without the massive commitment of a full course or the purchase of a rebreather.  Time accrued will count toward your IANTD certification should you choose to pursue it.  Or, just enjoy directly supervised rebreather diving while on your vacation on Maui without the major commitment of time and resources.  

The SF-2 Rebreather Experience is a two day program.  …

SF2 Rebreathers are here!

Silent Ō Solutions LLC is the Hawaii Dealer for SF2 rebreathers. We provide service, support, parts, advice and IANTD training in conjunction with Lahaina Divers for this amazing piece of equipment. If you’ve been looking into the ever expanding rebreather market with some confusion and trepidation you’re not alone. Rebreather designs are going all sorts of different directions. As long term rebreather aficionados, we’ve been searching for a simple, robust and fully capable design with reliable electronics. One that is easy to travel with and has the capacity to grow with the beginner yet satisfy the expert. The SF2 is all of this and more.

Stay up to Date with Silent Ō

Silent Ō Solutions has had an exciting year so far.  We have ramped up our rebreather support here on Maui and have seen quite a few more CCR divers coming to the island.  We can always provide sorb, O2 fills, and helium, as well as bailouts and hardware.  Contact us for information on consumables and rentals.

Our wall of Sorb

We are about to release a new rebreather program with one of our favorite charter operators, Lahaina Divers Maui.  In addition to his other teaching credentials, Todd is now an IANTD certified SF2 instructor.  The SF2 is the rig we will be using for our rebreather intro program.  If you’re unfamiliar with the SF2, check out  this video.

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